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Lake Eyasi - Tanzania

Discover Flamingos at Lake Eyasi and Natron: Soda Lake on the Rift Valley in Tanzania. Visit the bushmen families.

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Lake Eyasi and Lake Natron

Lake Eyasi

Tourists hardly know this wild, still nearly unexplored landscape, and you will be particularly impressed by it. Lake Eyasi is a mildly alkaline lake stretching for about 50 km (31 miles) to the southwest. To the northeast, as far as your eyes can see, the horizon is dominated by the impressive Crater Highlands, and to the north the plains of the Serengeti.

This area is inhabited by small groups of bushmen – the Hadza and Watindiga. who live in groups hunting with bows and arrows and gathering roots, tubers, and wild fruits much as humankind lived in the Stone Age. Over 100 years ago, when the stronger Masai tribes moved into the Ngorongoro and Serengeti, the tribes made the area around Lake Eyasi their home. Another interesting tribe in the area is the Datoga. These are the last remaining tribes of bushmen in East Africa.

Since we are in contact with these natives for many years, they permit us to accompany them and show us their daily life and hunting methods.

Lake Natron

One of the most original landscapes in East Africa is the area around Lake soda: home of the Maasai, which live here still in the traditional way and are hardly influenced by modern culture. It is the home for millions of birds, too, and therefore interesting for bird watching. Because this landscape is so inaccessible, it did not need to be particularly protected: it is under no protection from a national park administration.

But the area offers more attractions including a river walk with two waterfalls, and a hike across a soda lake with flamingos, where giraffes and other animals are often seen. A trek up Oldonyio Lengai, an active volcano, is one of the highlights of an adventures Safari: Oldonyio Lengai is located in the heart of the Great Rift Valley and has erupted fifteen times in the past century. A challenging hike to the top of the “Mountain of God” offers an opportunity to view molten lava. From there you have great views of the surrounding landscapes.



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