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When to go to Tanzania

The Best Time to Visit Tanzania – Month by Month

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When is the best month to Visit Tanzania?

When to Travel to Tanzania: Month by Month

Exploring Tanzania from January to March

January through February are the best months to visit the Tanzania Swahili coast (Tanzania mainland coastline) and Zanzibar for a relaxing beach vacation in the warm tropical Indian Ocean.
This period over half a million wildebeests baby calves are born in the southern Serengeti and Ndutu areas. In February the hot and humid temperature and the northern landscape start to turn green due to sporadic short rains.
The Ngorongoro Highlands receive late afternoon short and sharp rainfall, but mornings are pleasingly dry and excellent game viewing. This is also a good time for climbing Kilimanjaro because of the dry climate

Exploring Tanzania from April to May

April and May:
April is low season due to the heavy rain showers (thunderstorms) with plenty of grey days. High humidity is manifested in the western and southern regions of Tanzania. Accommodations and park fees are lowered to attached clients, do if you need a discounted Tanzania Tours, this is the time.  Towards the end of May it starts to dry out and the wildebeest’s migration begin to trek from the south of Serengeti to the west corridor.

Exploring Tanzania from June to August

June and July
In June the rains stopped and landscape is now turning dry and busy. The month is considered of the best months for a Tanzania Safari as the vegetation turns to yellow. The great wildebeest’s migration has now reached the Grumeti river ready to attempt the crossing as the predators gather at the kill zone!
It’s the prime or pick safari season and considered the best time to travel to Tanzania, perfect weather and exceptional game viewing prospects and this can be combined well with a Kenya and Tanzania Safari. At this time the wildebeests have northern Serengeti and ready approach the Mara River in Kenya. Overall, the game drives are superb with lots of tourist as the animals have started to cross the Mara River.

Exploring Tanzania from September to October

  September is dry and no rain, however visitors’ numbers start to disintegrate as humidity levels low the hiking seasons start to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. In Tarangire elephants are in high number as fishing season starts in the western tanzania Lake Victoria.
First drops of short rains begin, and it’s getting warm as this is the best rime for Chimpanzee encounters in Mahale Mountains National Park. Also, a good time to climb mount Meru and tour the Arusha National Park. 

Exploring Tanzania from November to December

November is probably an underestimated month for a great tanzania safari. It has sporadic afternoons rain showers with thunderstorms; however, the park has a substantial number of amazing game viewing opportunities almost all year round. Also, a great time to explore the off the beaten track adventures of Western region of Gombe Streams, Mahale and Katavi National Parks.
The December intermediate rains especially during the festive seasons of Christmas and new year is generally low. Migratory birds gather in plenty a good time for ornithological enthusiasts at the Nyerere National Park and Udzungwa National Parks or all of the eastern arc mountains of tanzania.

At the Serengeti the Wildebeests start to gather for the calving season over the short grass of the plains.  Finally in December, its very hot and humid in the eastern parts of Tanzania Coast of Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar archipelago. Prime (high season) time to relax at the beach on the Indian ocean!

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