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Link to Us! - reciprocal link exchange

  Add a link to African Legends DMC on your Web page, and give your visitors one-click access   to African Safaris. We are always looking for high quality links for our customers.

  For a link exchange request, just follow the steps below:

  1. Please copy the below HTML code and place it on your site.
  2. Send us an email with the following information:
  Your name and email address
  Your web site’s URL, and a short description
  Where my link is located
  3. Once our link has been verified, your link will be placed.
  Your link will remain active as long as our link remains on your page.

  Each link request is checked and we reserve the right to reject any request. just read these     reciprocal link exchange rules:

  1. No adult, pornography, racist, illegal, or offensive sites.
  2. Don’t submit sites with pop-ads
  3. We recommend that banner file sizes be less than 20k
  4. We will only link to the same domain name where our link is located.
  5. Link page has PR4 or higher, indexed by google
  6. We link only to travel relevant sites
  7. Link page has not more than 50 external links
  8. Email us for any changes of our link on your website.
  Please don’t ask us to come to your site and fill out a form, we don’t have the time, sorry.



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